high pure Platinum melting quartz crucibles with high temperature resistance

high pure Platinum melting quartz crucibles with high temperature resistance


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Fused silica crucible crucible is a kind of combined product,made of  fused silica as raw material.

High purity fused silica with fine structure, low thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, the size of the finished goods of high precision, high temperature deformation, good thermal shock resistance, good electric properties and chemical erosion resistance is good wait for a characteristic,

therefore it's widely used in the glass processing industry, metallurgy industry, electronic industry, chemical industry, aerospace and other fields

Material: Fused silica
Shape cup
 Application wildly used in jewelry casting industry
  Samples Custom-made is acceptable,we can provide free sample when we have the sample in stock
Payment 70% deposit in advance,the balance paid before shipment
Payment terms T/T, L/C, Western union
Shipping term DHL, FedEx ,UPS or By Sea way

A. Features of fused quartz silica crucible for gold melting:

1. Purity ≥97 
2. Resistance 1650 degree, 1550 ℃long time work 
3. No bubble

4. Good appearance

5. Corrosion-resistant

6. Good thermal stability

8. Good electrical insulation

physical and chemical indicators for jewelry casting quartz crucibles

Sio2(%) ≥99.8

bulk density(g/cm3)
thermal expansivity <0.5
Max working temperature 1650℃
apparent porosity(%) ≤15

compression strength  (Mpa)

flexure strength(Mpa) ≥25
thermal expansivity(×10-6K-1) <0.5

CSJT produce kinds of fused silica crucibles for gold melting ,jewelry casting industry

Stock size for gold melting fused silica crucibles was 1kg-4kg 

Can be customize any shape can capacity ,just offer us your drawing

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