factory wholesale high quality magneisa Bullion Block

factory wholesale high quality magneisa Bullion Block


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Ingredient: magnesia.

Physical and chemical indicators:

refractoriness: 1150 degrees  (  cupellate temperature is generally not more than 960 degrees Celsius).

1. Multiple samples can be obtained at a time, greatly improving the work efficiency
2. High refractoriness, quick absorption, recovery rate of 97% - 97%,
3. Easy to use, do not need to edge grinding,

Advantage: due to the use of this plate cupel standard gold and all samples are to be carried out within the same cupel ash blowing, so the result more accurate and more reliable.

Stock size

Model  Hole  Size(mm) Outer Dia( mm) Depth of  Cup( mm)
JT-HB12 12 80x60x20 18.0
JT-HB12 12 165x60x20 10.0 7.0
JT-HB24 24 165x125x20 10.0 7.0

Other size can be customizeF

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