Aluminum sample pan for DSC /TG thermal analyser

Aluminum sample pan for DSC /TG thermal analyser


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Dsc sample pan for DSC differential scanning calorimeter, SDTA differential thermal analyzer, TGA thermogravimetric analyzer and other thermal analysis instrument. can suppress the peaks formed by evaporation, vaporization, sublimation or related processes, expand the application range of DSC, and are reliable in quality, and can replace the original products of the same kind.

Dsc sample plate classification:

The type of dsc sample plate has a large impact on the quality of the test results and can also influence the important parameters of the DSC test oven. To ensure efficient heat exchange between the sample and the sensor, use a high-quality sample plate suitable for the temperature range And the sample cover to do the experiment, so as to achieve the best experimental results.

1. Stainless steel dsc sample plate temperature range -30 ~ 300 ℃

2. Metal dsc sample plate for the temperature range -150 ~ 600 ℃

3. Metal nickel dsc sample plate temperature range -150 ~ 1000 ℃

4). Platinum rhodium alloy dsc sample plate temperature range -150 ~ 1600 ℃

5. Graphite, tungsten sample plate / crucible applicable temperature range -150 ~ 2400 ℃

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Sample tray features:

★ Aluminum dsc sample trays and sample caps: Suitable for non-volatile solid samples such as polymers and pharmaceuticals and are commonly used for polymer melting, crystallization and glass transition of polymers, thermoplastics and thermosetting materials.

★ sealed sample plate: to prevent solvent evaporation, can be used to protect the air-sensitive samples, used for volatile liquid research (including specific heat), sublimation materials research, more than 100 ℃ aqueous solution over the study will produce corrosive or condensable Other Materials Research.

★ medium pressure dsc sample tray: used to test a large loss of water samples, usually biological samples and drug samples.

High-pressure dsc sample plate: The whole experimental sample in the sample plate sealed environment, inhibit the volatilization of volatile substances, the volatile reaction product sealed in the dsc sample plate, thus eliminating the heat of vaporization interference.

★ Large volume dsc sample tray: the sample can be tested for greater quality, and more for a weak thermal effect of the sample DSC test, such as: low-density large volume of the sample "foam."

Applicable Brands:

The United States TA (formerly DuPont), PE (PerkinElmer), Germany resistant Chi NETZSCH, Switzerland Mettler Mettler, France Setaram SETARAM, Japan Shimadzu Shimadzu, Japan Rigaku, Japan Seiko SII, Germany Lindsay LINSEIS and Brook AXS

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